Embracing Winter

Over the past few winters I have been collecting video clips of my home city and its beautiful surroundings. It has been a challenge, as most of the time I am out in temperatures well below zero, and trudging through deep snow. I generally shoot hand-held as I don’t want to burden myself with a heavy tripod. Working hand-held has the advantage of capturing the odd fleeting moment by just raising the camera to my eyes and pressing the button. Fortunately, technology has reached the point where in-built camera stabilisation and post production digital stabilisation can work their magic to produce a smooth looking clip.

I have also incorporated some of my favourite photographs into this video. Please take a look and if you enjoy it please click, like, subscribe, and share!

Saving Time

As the “High Voltage Physics” series progressed, ¬†Garry Garbutt convinced me I should take a look at the old Vernon post office clock he restored a few years ago. This timepiece is now installed as a working exhibit in the City of Vernon’s museum.

I checked it out and immediately realised the educational value of a fully mechanical clock – one where the gears and wheels can be seen tick-tocking away in all their finely machined glory.

Garry presents the clock, its history and its intricate workings. It was built by J Smith & Sons of Derby, England over one hundred years ago. They are still in business today and were able to supply a new pendulum from stock!