David Skelhon is an accomplished photographer, writer, sailor, commercial pilot and boat builder.  He was born in the UK and moved to the province of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast in 1996.

He is best known in the UK for his contributions to sailing and adventure magazines, and as the co-author of several regional guide books.

In 1990 he spent three months sailing around the west coast of Britain on a small, open deck catamaran. The story is told in his book: Suilven’s Travels.

In Canada, his aerial photography has appeared in national and regional publications and exhibited in public and private art galleries. Portfolios have appeared in Photo Life and BC Magazine.  For several years he worked as a freelance reporter/photographer for the Vernon Edition of The Daily Courier and since 2017 has been exploring the art of videography.

He learned to fly in his teens, became a flight instructor in 1999 and from 2008 – 2011 worked as a bush pilot in Northern Alberta and the Yukon. His latest book, No Time For Fear; Lessons From a Lifetime in Aviation, is available on Amazon.

David has an honours degree in materials science and spent six years in metallurgical research after graduating. He still has a passion for science and engineering and has built several aircraft and boats. He has been an active amateur radio operator since 2005 and holds an advanced license.

He still sails and keeps another blog: pacificwoodenboats.com

He loves empowering others and encourages thinking “outside the box.”

Click here to go direct to his photography site.

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