New Book About to Hit the Streets!

While some of us may take photographs for our own satisfaction, most of us love to share how we view our world. With that in mind I stepped out and put my favourite North Okanagan images into a book.

It’s called Seasons in the North Okanagan and it will be available in local stores soon. There are sixty pages of captioned images, showcasing the best our region has to offer, at all times of the year. It’s a small format (8.25” x 5.25”) and soft covered, making it an ideal gift to put in an envelope and send to friends and relatives, or for visitors to take home as a memento of the area. For residents, it captures a twenty year window of development and growth, as well as the largely unchanged natural world around us.

Some of the images were taken from aircraft, some on hikes in local parks, and others at events when I worked for local media. I will update on price and availability soon.


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